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Looking for debt counselling Mokopane? We are here to help. If like many South Africans, you have found yourself in the depths of a debt crisis, you may seem like you will never get out. It is easy to become hopeless when your debts are rising faster than your income can keep up with. Fortunately, there is a way out— debt review in Mokopane.

‘There is a way out of your debt crisis’

Debt Counselling in Mokopane is a credit debt relief program for South Africans who do not have enough money to pay for their essential expenses like housing and food after they meet their monthly credit obligations. If this situation sounds all too familiar, it may be time to apply for debt review.

How does debt review work?

Debt review provides financial relief for over-indebted individuals in a few ways.

  1. Restructures the debt payment plan so that payments can be made in smaller installments over a longer period
  2. Protects indebted individual from legal action from creditors
  3. Makes paying debt more convenient by providing a consolidated payment system

Why choose debt counselling in Mokopane with us?

What to expect under debt review?

  1. Payments

Although you will have more time to pay off your debts, you still need to meet your debt obligations, failure to do so may lead to you being released from the debt review program and you will no longer be entitled to any benefits or protections.

  1. Credit freeze

You will not be able to take out new credit when you are under debt review.

  1. Profile flag

Your credit profile will be flagged. This is NOT the same as blacklisting. The flag simply serves to notify creditors that you are under debt review. Once you are exited from debt review the flag is removed from your profile and there will be no record that you went under debt review.

  1. Duration

There is no standard duration for debt review. How long you remain in the debt review program depends on your personal commitment to becoming debt free and the amount of debt you must pay off.

Let’s get started. Contact us today to discuss how our debt review services in Mokopane can help you pay off your debt for good.

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The Debt

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