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Since 2007, debt counselling in Bloemfontein has helped thousands of over-indebted South Africans to do what they believed to be impossible— pay off their debts in full. If you have found yourself in a financial crisis and unable to keep up with your monthly debt obligations, we at The Debt Review Company can help you too.

What is debt counselling in Bloemfontein?

Debt counselling or debt review is a government relief program that helps South Africans who do not have sufficient income to both pay off their monthly debt payments and afford to cover their basic living expenses such as food and shelter.

Debt review provides financial relief by legally extending the amount of time that consumers have to pay off their debts, ensuring that they have enough funds to survive after they meet their monthly debt obligations.

Will I be eligible for debt review?

Debt review is reserved for consumers that are deemed legally over-indebted. You may be legally over-indebted if:
• You do not live above your means
• You do not have enough money left over to cover your essential needs like shelter and food after making your monthly debt payments
• You do not have assets you can sale to help pay off your debt payments

If you are not sure whether you qualify, contact one of our debt counsellors for a consultation.

You are just one form away from financial freedom!
Enrolling in debt counselling in Bloemfontein is an easy process.
• Contact one of our experienced debt counsellors for an initial consultation.
• Fill out the debt review application form and submit all your supporting documents to the debt counsellor.
• The debt counsellor will contact your creditors to confirm your financial information.
• Once the debt counsellor confirms your financial information is confirmed, the debt counsellor will draft a restructured debt payment plan proposing an extended payment period and lower monthly installments.
• Your creditors or the court will have to approve your restructured payment plan, once approved the new plan will go into effect and you will be entitled to all the benefits reserved for consumers under debt review.

Avoid legal action from creditors with debt counselling in Bloemfontein

When you are in a volatile financial situation, acting fast is the key to preventing further financial damage. Debt review will provide you with more time to pay off your debts, providing financial relief and preventing severe consequences including facing legal action from creditors.

Protections that you will be entitled to under debt review include:

  1. Protection against legal action from creditors
  2. Avoid harassment from credits
  3. Experienced debt counsellor to renegotiate terms of your debt repayment

A once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild your credit from scratch

Debt review is also a once in a lifetime legal opportunity to rebuild your credit history from scratch. When you successfully complete debt review your negative credit history is completely erased. This means that the negative impact from missed and late payments and defaulted loans will not tarnish your future credit history. You will have the opportunity to build back your credit history stronger than it was before.


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