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Are you looking for Debt Counselling Durban? If you are struggling to pay rent, buy groceries, or cover your utility bills while trying keep up with an overwhelming amount of debt repayments, then it is time to seek out professional assistance with the debt review company.

Why should you apply for Debt Counselling Durban?

Debt review is a formal consumer protection program that came into effect in 2007, with the implementation of the National Credit Act. Debt review helps over-indebted consumers to successfully pay off their credit debt and consumers who owe so much money to creditors, that they have little money left over to cover their basic living costs after meeting their monthly debt obligations to refresh their credit history.

Over-indebted consumers are people who owe so much money to creditors, that they have little money left over to cover their basic living costs after meeting their monthly debt obligations.

Don’t allow a bad financial situation to escalate to a financial crisis

If you have fallen behind on your debt repayments, you may be at risk of facing legal action from your creditors. Don’t wait until your financial situation becomes a crisis before you act. Applying for debt review now can protect you from dire consequences in the future, like losing your home or other valuable assets and property.

What happens under debt counselling?

The debt review relief program is designed to protect and advocate for consumers who have been taken advantage of by the credit industry.

Under debt review— YES

Under debt review— NO

X You cannot take out new loans and credit

X You cannot default on credit payments

X You WILL NOT be blacklisted


A worry-free financial solution

How long does debt review last?

The length of debt review depends on the total amount of debt you need to pay off and your income level. The lower your income and the higher your debt, the longer your debt review period will be. If you are determined you can pay off your debt early by taking on extra jobs, living more frugally, or selling unnecessary assets.

Can I buy a house after debt review?

Yes. When you complete debt review successfully, meaning you pay off your debts in full according to your modified debt repayment plan, you will be exited from the debt review program and allowed to access credit and home loans again.

Will debt review ruin my credit score?

No. When you go under debt review your credit profile will be flagged and you will not be permitted to take out new credit until you are formally exited from the debt review program. When you complete debt review successfully your credit history will be erased enabling you to rebuild your credit score from scratch. Creditors will not know about your previous poor credit history or that you were under debt review.

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